Half of all homeowners planning new bathroom

Demand for new KBB projects continues to rise with half of all UK homeowners planning a full bathroom refurbishment, a new survey reveals.

The survey, from the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), also showed that was a rise from 45% back in January.

And plans are also being brought forward with 16% of respondents saying they plan to do it in the next 12 months compared to just 13% saying the same in January.

These numbers include DIY but slightly more (62%) are intending to do their planned work with professionals compared to January (59%).

Sustainability was a key feature of the survey with two-thirds of homeowners confused about where to start when making their homes eco-friendly, causing a significant barrier to uptake but creating considerable opportunities for knowledgeable retailers.

Just over three-quarters (77%) said that cost was a major issue as you would expect but 69% said that becoming more sustainable may cause too many disruptions.

Retailers could also take advantage of the 42% of homeowners that are planning on improving sustainability in their homes, according to the BMA. Of those property owners, 40% have already done building work to make their homes more sustainable.

However, the survey found that more than half (52%) believe that sustainability is not essential to them.

And while 89% of homeowners may think their homes are as not as sustainable as they can be, 58% of them have no plans to improve the sustainability in the home.

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