Modern interior designs win out in survey of Pinterest users

Modern designs were the runaway winner in interior design trends according to a survey carried out of Pinterest pins by credit comparison site

Money’s survey was based on more than 850,000 pins on social media platform Pinterest.

It found that ultra-chic modern décor was the easy winner in kitchens with 284,528 pins against 242,309 who favoured traditional design, 236,753 who pinned ‘cottage’ and 228,900 who went for ‘rustic’.

The survey added: “Modern design and decor celebrates the fusion of natural materials, neutral or earthy tones, and monochromatic colours that promote functionality as well as beauty. Unsurprisingly, pins showcasing the modern design style prove to be the most popular among those redecorating their kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, arguably the busiest spaces in a 21st century household. This modern ethos creates the perfect recipe for a clutter-free cooking area, with 284,528 kitchen-specific boards dedicated to the modern theme on Pinterest.” 

In terms of interior design generally, ‘industrial’ came top with 683,480, followed by modern with 478,608 and ‘modern farmhouse’ with 420,232.

But when it came to bathroom designs, the tables were turned, with rustic topping the tables at 252,014, followed by modern with 235,010, ‘eclectic’ at 225,900 and Scandinavian at 183,5832.

Said the survey: “The bathroom is the ideal space to unwind with a hot bath and some relaxing candles and scents after a long day. The homely feel demonstrated in rustic design, thanks to its use of reclaimed wood, galvanised metal, rough stone and cast iron, work together perfectly in achieving this natural look. 

“These less polished materials will give any room an immediate sense of character, and our data proves that the rustic style is extremely coveted when it comes to bathroom makeovers with 252,014 Pinterest boards”. 

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