Crown Imperial chairman Michael Head dies

Michael Head, chairman of Crown Imperial, passed away after a short illness on Thursday, September 30.

Managing director of the British furniture manufacturer, Barry Head, reflected on the pivotal role his father played in the third-generation family business: “Having joined the business immediately after leaving school at the age of 16, he quickly took on increasingly important roles in the company and ultimately became managing director in 1966. 

“He oversaw the expansion of the company as a contract supplier to the Government through the 1970s and then the overnight transition to kitchen furniture manufacture after the contract business evaporated in 1980. His vision to keep investing in production efficiency throughout the 1980s and beyond positioned the business well to support the integration of our two distribution customers after 2009.

“Although he never officially retired, 2015 saw him ‘change his working practices’ and from this point onwards his visits to the factory were less frequent. Having only ever had one job, however, his support and interest in the performance of the business never waned. He will be greatly missed”.

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