ONE WEEK to kbbreview Awards entry deadline!

Anyone who wants to enter the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2022 will need to do so by 5pm on November 16 – that’s exactly one week from now!

It’s the biggest and longest-running awards in the UK and Ireland kitchen and bathroom industry and there are categories for retailers, designers, installers and suppliers.

And, as always, it’s not only totally FREE to enter but all the shortlisted finalists get two free seats at the ceremony in March alongside the KBB show too.

You can see all the categories below and the full details on how to enter are at

Kitchen Retailer of the Year/Bathroom Retailer of the Year
These are for the best overall retailers in the country and look at performance, marketing, showroom, people and many other factors. What’s key is understanding that it’s not about how much money you make, but what you do with the resource and market you have. The little guys are just as likely to win as the big ones.

Kitchen Showroom of the Year/Bathroom Showroom of the Year 
These categories look specifically at your most important sales tool – your showroom. This is about design, layout, customer journey, housekeeping and more so if you’re super proud of your superstore then this is the one for you!

New Kitchen Retailer of the Year/New Bathroom Retailer of the Year 
Starting up a new business takes real guts and this is the perfect way to reward those true entrepreneurs. However, this isn’t just for brand new companies, existing retailers who have expanded into new showrooms or ventures are just as eligible.

Community Champion of the Year 
The role truly local independent retailers play in their communities is part of what makes them so unique. Do you support local charities? Sponsor local events or initiatives? Maybe your showroom is used as a community space? We want to know how you weave your business into the area where you live. 

Rising Star Award
Successful businesses and industries are always looking for fresh, new, creative talent. The development of this pool of new, young talent is so important to the future of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retail sector and this is why kbbreview is introducing its ‘Rising Stars’ award as part of the Save Our Skills campaign.

Installation Company of the Year
The role of the installer in the making the client’s dream kitchen or bathroom come true cannot be underestimated and we’re shining a spotlight on the very best installation companies in the industry with this special award. Any kitchen and/or bathroom installation company based in the UK or Ireland can enter – including retailers with their own installation arm.

Supplier Team of the Year
This very special award is being introduced in 2022 to highlight the important work done by the people who work for those companies that supply the independent kitchen and bathroom retail network. A team can be any size (as long as it’s more than one person) but that team MUST perform a specific function within the company. For example – sales, marketing, logistics, warehouse, design, admin etc. In other words, you can’t nominate the whole company as one ‘team…(the one exception to that rule is if your whole company has less than TEN members of staff and they perform multiple roles as one team.) We are defining ‘supplier’ as anyone who provides products AND/OR services to the independent kitchen and bathroom retail network. So we’re including product manufacturers and distributors but also service providers such as software, marketing support et

The Design Categories
Our design categories reward the very best designers and their projects. We divide them up by ‘project cost’ which we define as the final sum paid to you by your client. The projects must have been completed in the 12 months between November 15 2020 and November 15 2021. You can enter as many categories as you like but can only enter each one once – so pick your favourite!

Kitchen Designer of the Year: project cost over £50,000 

Kitchen Designer of the Year: project cost £30,000 – £50,000 

Kitchen Designer of the Year: project cost up to £30,000 

Bathroom Designer of the Year: project cost over £25,000 

Bathroom Designer of the Year: project cost £10,000 – £25,000 

Bathroom Designer of the Year: project cost up to £10,000

Find out all the details on how to enter for FREE at

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