Masterclass ‘throws out the rule book’ with new cabinet design

British manufacturer, Masterclass Kitchens, claims its ‘next-generation’ furniture has turned cabinet design on its head while creating 30% more internal space.

Commenting on the new launch, Gerald Jones, managing director at Masterclass Kitchens, said: “A paradigm shift is a situation when the usual accepted way of doing, or thinking about something, changes completely. This is exactly what our brand-new cabinet redesign has done to the current standards within the kitchen industry.

“We have thrown out the rule book and redesigned our complete range of kitchen cabinets, to eliminate the need for centre mullions within the cabinet. With many benefits to both retailers and end consumers, this launch is of great importance. We have re-engineered the cabinetry throughout our entire portfolio. We have a new and improved cabinet that offers increased rigidity, safer transportation and quicker installation. Overall, end customers will benefit from up to 30% more useable storage space inside a Masterclass Collection cabinet, than the equivalent base and wall cabinetry that a competitor would supply.”

Masterclass Kitchens handleless H Line Collection already uses the new cabinet design, however its main range of products, The Masterclass Collection, now also features the manufacturer’s latest design. The cabinets are available in 11 different colours and include an 18mm top and back panels for additional stability, as well as base units that measure a deeper 600mm in depth.

Commercial sales director, Steve Tough, commented: “We are so excited to be launching the next generation of cabinet design within the kitchen industry. We are offering our kitchen partners competitive advantages when they choose Masterclass Kitchens and our new cabinets are a step outside of industry standards! How many other manufacturers can say the same about their products? Meanwhile, we’re not only offering the end customer a cabinet that presents them with more usable space within their kitchen design, we’re also providing them a product that is far more appealing to look at as well,” Tough added.

“It really is a win-win situation. Why not take a look at your current kitchen supplier’s cabinets to fully appreciate the aesthetic and practical benefits that our market-leading cabinetry can bring to you.”

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