COP26: ‘the time for talking is over’, says Water Label MD

Unified Water Label MD Yvonne Orgill has welcomed the pledges made at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, but says we need action now, not tomorrow.

Orgill added that while the conference was big on high-level strategies, it is local and collective commitments that will bring results on climate change.

With COP26 in its second week, Orgill said: “It’s good to see there is agreement by all that action is needed today, not tomorrow. The time for talking is over, we have to work together to make things happen and facilitate change. If there were any doubters before this, then I am hopeful that the noise created by COP26, will finally bring them on board.

“The UWLA has been working with the European bathroom industry to drive forward the message that everyone can play their part, from the manufacturers that create innovative water and energy efficient products, to the retailers and installers that promote the water matters messages to consumers.”  

Orgill said also that she was proud of the commitment shown so far by the European bathroom industry.

“By consistently advising our members of the direction of political decisions and water efficiency initiatives across Europe,” said Orgill, “we have stayed ahead of the game.  I am proud that the European bathroom industry can demonstrate its commitment with better manufacturing processes, reduced waste, and elimination of harmful substances, to deliver bathroom products that use less water and energy.”

Speaking of the role of the Unified Water Label, Orgill said: “Companies that use and promote the Unified Water Label are raising awareness of how much water and energy is used in the ‘in-use’ phase, keeping sustainability at the heart of our industry.

“Our collective efforts to communicate the link between using water, energy and carbon wisely empowers consumers to play their part, and make more informed choices, which will result in behaviour change for the benefit of the planet.”

Orgill pointed to comments by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has said that change will not come from the conference in Glasgow, but from individuals showing leadership.

Orgill concluded: “We hope that leadership and collective responsibility across the board will result in many small changes generating the significant change that is required.”

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