“Don’t let people down over sustainability’ pleads BMA president

Bathroom manufacturers need to ‘do the right thing’ in their sustainability policies, says BMA president John Robinson.

In an impassioned and personal speech at the organisation’s inaugural awards, Robinson pleaded with bathroom manufacturers to lead the construction industry in sustainability.

Invoking his own childhood, Robinson (pictured) said that he could remember the smog caused by homes burning coal and how sick it made children at the time.

“In the late 1950s and early 1960s they brought in the Clean Air Act and we had to stop burning that coal. We had to change and adapt our lives and that’s what’s going to happen now on a global scale.

“I want it to work, I want this world to be sustainable and the environment to be healthy because I have five grandchildren now and a sixth coming in February.

“They’ve taught me about sustainability and the environment.”

“I went for a walk with my nine-year-old grandson Jack, and we walked down a public footpath and all the sides were festooned with rubbish – a sofa, old lawnmower, paper and loads of plastic. He asked me ‘who left all that there?’ and I said ‘we did, we all did, we are all individually responsible for the environment we live in.

“This is the number one subject. After covid the one single thing that matters today is the environment. I’ve been in the bathroom industry for a long time but I’m still learning. Do not let people down bathroom manufacturers, you are the leading lights in the construction industry. Lead your companies well , do the right thing and don’t just do it because it’s a buzz word and it’s what the government wants, do it for your children, your grandchildren and hopefully their children.

“Be the legacy and be the leaders.”

The BMA Sustinability Awards were held at the Conrad St James Hotel in central London. The Circular Economy Award was won by Roman, the Carbon Reduction Award saw a highly commended nod go to Triton while the winner was the new Kohler Mira national distribution centre in Worcester.  

In the Workplace Initiative category, Triton was named the winner and in the Water Efficiency award, the Fluidmaster Airgap 6000 Series was highly commended, and the winner was the Aguardio Leak Sensor. The inaugural Sustainability Champion was Lee Jones from NBS.

“We launched these inaugural sustainability awards with some trepidation,” said BMA chief executive Tom Reynolds. “We were relieved when manufacturers started to make entries, were excited when we saw the quality of submissions, and elated when we received the incredibly positive independent judges’ feedback. Manufacturers are embracing the transformation of their businesses and lessening the environmental impact of the sector as a whole. My congratulations go to all finalists, and particularly the winners and special recognition recipients.”

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