German appliance brand Kaiser launches in the UK this month

Luxury German appliance manufacturer Kaiser is set to launch in the UK at the end of January.

Founded in 1995, the brand has set its sights on expanding into the UK with plans to work with key retailers and distributors, sell direct via its website, and open its own showroom in the future.  

Niko Skarlatos, chief executive of Kaiser, said: “We are planning a large-scale expansion into the UK, starting by partnering with the biggest retailers and distributors in the market, before opening our own showrooms. Of course, direct sales through our website will play a crucial role in our business model, alongside working with independent kitchen retailers and design studios.

“We’re especially excited to see how kitchen design studios will take to our critically acclaimed Empire and Art Deco ranges, as their classical styling will pair exceptionally well with the luxury materials used in the best kitchens in the country.”

Seen as a designer lifestyle brand, the appliances include small kettles and coffee machines to built-in appliances. Although many of the appliances have a vintage look, the brand has a host of modern features like TFT touch control panels, gesture-controlled hoods, free-zone induction hobs, and air fryers built right into their ovens. One range within the brand is an Art Deco inspired range with bold metal details.  

Skarlatos continued: “Kaiser is already a designer lifestyle brand in Europe, and I’m excited to use all of my experience working with luxury brands to bring a little continental chic to the homes of the UK. I firmly believe now is the perfect time to break into this region, thanks to the booming home appliance market and demand for hassle-free online shopping with the best possible customer service experience.”

The timing of the brand’s UK launch coincides with the fact that it has seen a shift in kitchen attitudes in the past 12 months with more people wanting to use their kitchen and entertain at home. Skarlatos sees the increase in social media usage and being inspired by influencer chefs to be as much of a contributing factor as people being stuck in their own homes.

Skarlatos concluded: “Our five-year business plan involves hiring up to 150 people in the UK. They will be responsible for such varied operations as the running of our own appliance servicing team, with a fleet of Kaiser branded vehicles, as well as our own stores and showrooms in major cities.

“We will always be looking to work with those of the highest calibre, that demonstrate our values day in and day out. We consider ourselves lucky that the UK has some of the best professionals the world has to offer.”

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