Methven calls for urgent action to reduce water usage

Methven has joined the Water Demand Reduction Group’s urgent call to tackle possible future water supply shortages and is urging businesses to act now to reduce usage across the UK.

The independent group’s chairman Nicci Russell has published a letter calling on the Government, regulators and water companies to take action to ensure there is enough water in the future for the environment and private and business users.

Methven, the New Zealand-based manufacturer of showers taps and valves, is speaking out to encourage businesses to get ahead of the anticipated net-zero targets for water.

Methven CEO Martin Walker said: “For years, businesses and the Government have focused on a move to net-zero in regard to greenhouse gas emissions, but little is understood about the very real crisis around water shortages. It was recently predicted that there will be a 40% shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030 due to growing populations and climate change. However, targets around water efficiency still do not go far enough, as Nicci outlined in her recent letter.”

The Water Demand Reduction Group’s Russell also urged the Government to consider its suggestion of a net-zero retrofit strategy for residential and business users, which she believes will deliver cost-effective reductions in both energy and water usage.

The Methven CEO added: “Here at Methven, we’ve been aware that this is a very real problem for future generations, but an even bigger problem for our water supplies in the next two decades. To this end, we welcome the new water demand target under the Environment Act 2021. However, we still believe there is further to go.”

Methven offers a range of showering products that include water-saving benefits, including its Satinjet, Aurajet and Vjet spray technologies that the company says offer low flow rates without compromising performance.

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