What are the most popular bathroom trends for 2022?

An analysis of Pinterest by Showerstoyou.co.uk has found what consumers search for when planning and researching their dream bathroom.

White bathrooms are the number one trend, with over 150,000 pins and 801 boards on Pinterest. Coming in a close second was marble bathrooms with over 145,000 pins but more boards than white bathrooms with 970 marble dedicated boards.

Classic white and marble bathrooms have remained popular for decades, but the results found there were a lot of trend lead bathroom styles were in the top ten. Industrial bathrooms was third with 139,000 pins on 873 boards. Finally, the old and new bathroom trend mixes modern and classical looks was in fifth place with over 55,000 pins.

The wallpaper in the bathroom was popular and in fourth place with 86,000 pins. While blue and green bathrooms were in sixth and ninth and had 52,300 and 38,400 pins, respectively. Black accents have been popular in bathrooms for many years and were eight in the research with 47,000 pins.

Spa bathrooms have been a staple trend for the last few years and it was number seven in the list with 49,700 pins. While emerging trend Japandi – a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styling – was in tenth with just over 18,500 pins.

Showerstoyou.co.uk analysed the number of pins for each style to find the most pinned and searched for designs.

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