Quooker sponsors new digital lifestyle platform

Quooker has announced its support for lovejoy.co.uk – a new digital lifestyle platform focusing on men’s health, fitness and well-being.

Founded by television presenter Tim Lovejoy, the aim is to build a community that addresses the key issues and tips for living for the modern man.

Following the success of his podcast, The Lovejoy Hour, Lovejoy said he set out to create a new, ever-evolving environment where he could bring together the knowledge he’s gained from talking to experts and industry professionals over the years.

Speaking about the new sponsorship, Lovejoy said: “Quooker have partnered with us and have helped us facilitate our adventure for a long time. We’re honoured to have them as a sponsor. Personally, I love their product, the way the company is run and what it stands for.”

Stephen Johnson, Quooker UK managing director added: “We have been sponsoring Tim’s podcast, The Lovejoy Hour, for a few years now, and the launch of Lovejoy.co.uk has felt like a natural progression. We admire Tim’s openness, curiosity and honesty, and we are delighted to be working with him and his team again to create an exciting platform that we are sure will help to answer many questions and open new discussions.”

With the aim of building a community interested in learning, Lovejoy.co.uk will focus on issues ranging from hair loss solutions and debunking nutrition myths to sports psychology tips, the challenges surrounding social media and coping with mental health. Through the new site, Lovejoy hopes to open people’s minds to new thoughts, feelings and possibilities.

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