Coram UK launches Sealskin brand in the UK

Shower solutions business Coram UK has expanded its offering with the introduction of the Sealskin brand and its premium range of Sealskin duka enclosures, to the UK market.   

The contemporary Sealskin brand – which has a 40% market share in the European Benelux region – will sit as part of Coram UK’s portfolio, alongside its Coram, Impey wetrooms and Geesa accessories brands.

The Sealskin duka product portfolio – which is made up of the Acqua 5000, Libero 5000 and Pura 5000 (pictured above) enclosure ranges – is the result of a partnership between 250-year-old Dutch Sealskin brand and Italian enclosure specialist Duka. Each bespoke enclosure is tailor made to order in Europe and is available with a lead time of four weeks.

Coram has appointed design duo, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, the founders of design house 2LG Studio, as ambassadors for the launch of the brand in the UK.

The product portfolio was originally unveiled at kbb Birmingham 2020 but the official UK launch was then put on hold due to the Covid pandemic.

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, 2LG Design Studio
(Left to right:) Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, 2LG Design Studio

Speaking at the official launch at The Tate Modern in London, Coram UK MD Steve Huntly said: “We are so pleased to introduce to you Sealskin Duka, a new brand and product range for the UK market. It’s an inspiring addition that will sit alongside our Impey wetrooms and Geesa accessories and will form a trio of premium brands for the retail and design sector.

“It’s with excitement and confidence that we build on a brand that has a heritage of over 250 years both in our Group and under our family ownership. It’s also exciting to expand on a partnership with Duka of over 40 years – a relationship that is built on the value of trust, innovation and professionalism and family foundation which enables us to bring a unique proposition to the UK market. A stunningly made shower enclosure that is tailor made for each individual consumer. It’s a unique proposition to the market and we are excited that it’s not only unique in terms of being tailor made but it’s also built on a sustainable supply chain and the sustainability credentials that people come to expect when they choose new products.”

Chris Kingaby, product director added: “The fact that each enclosure is bespoke to the specification of individual consumers really feeds into this trend for personalisation and, with a lead-time of four weeks, this gives retailers and specifiers really strong USPs.

“At 250-years old, Sealskin is the oldest brand in the Coram Group . It has 40% share of the European Benelux region and we wanted to bring that winning formula over to the UK. It’s already a successful product so rolling it out to key partners we already do business with trust us with a brand that’s already successful and tried and tested in Europe.

We’ve put a lot of effort into the face of the retail brand with Impey over the past few years and that investment is really starting to pay off now. We’ve been giving our retailers some love – we’ve gone to them to find out what they need and we’ve listened to that feedback and the introduction of the Sealskin duka portfolio is part of that conversation.”

The Sealskin duka brand and product portfolio is being rolled out to selected retail partners across the UK.

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