kbb Birmingham retailer top five: Trevor Scott

Trevor Scott, the CEO of the RFK studio in Rugby lists the top five products and trends he spotted at this year’s kbb Birmingham show.

My first pick was a surprise, the CDA EXG Gesture Control extractor. Swipe up for the lights and left or right to control the fan speed. It’s a good trick and at the right price.

Second on my list is the Bora X BO built in multifunction Steam Oven. Bora’s first foray into a built in cooking appliance and what a revolutionary one it is. Simple to use intuitive touch control brings professional cooking to the home.

My third pick is Kitchen Maker by Burbidge. This semi bespoke painted to order in-frame kitchen on an oak veneer cabinet represents the company’s long awaited return to a complete kitchen offer and neatly plugs the price gap between fully bespoke and a standard lay-on doored kitchen.

Fourth on my list is a novelty item that resolves the problem of where to safely store your valuables. The Chubb EverydaySafe drawer. Very high spec safe that will protect your valuables and give you peace of mind.

And last but not least is the Burnout outdoor kitchen. 100% weather proof and available in a range of modules via an online configurator. Post Covid this is a growing area kitchen specialists should not ignore.

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