Alliance HQ goes carbon neutral

Alliance Sanitary Products in Scotland has announced that its head office and warehousing operations are now fully carbon neutral.

In partnership with Hevac, Alliance has invested in a combined heat and power generating plant, which powers the lighting, IT, alarms, portable appliances, heating and hot water.

The heat and power are generated on site from woodchip that is procured from registered sustainable sources. The woodchip is dried on site and incinerated to produce gas. The gas then feeds an internal combustion engine that drives an electric generator to produce heat and power.

Hevac managing director David MacPherson said: “Effectively, we are running our own mini power station right here in East Kilbride. The only by-product is pure carbon ash, which can be sold on to form part of fertiliser for the very forests where the woodchip is produced.”

Surplus power is exported to the National Grid, and since January 2016, Alliance has not drawn electricity from the Grid nor used the on-site boilers.

Alliance’s carbon footprint has been substantially reduced and sales of power to the National Grid and Government-backed rewards have been financially beneficial to the company.

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