2021 is best sales year for Miele in its 123-year history

The Miele Group has reported sales of €4.84bn (£4.08bn) worldwide in the 2021 business year, which was 7.5% up on the previous year.

The manufacturer of domestic appliances says it has seen sustainable growth despite continuing semiconductor bottlenecks. Not only were sales up in 2021, but more products were built and sold on aggregate in 2021 than ever before in the German premium manufacturer’s 123-year history.

Orders in hand at the start of 2022 were also higher than ever before. Currently Miele is producing at all production plants with the highest capacity possible.

In response to the war on Ukraine, Miele has stopped all shipments of appliances to Russia. The company’s own Miele Experience Centers and the web shop were already closed last week. Similarly, investments in the market were also frozen. Salaries of the 230 staff members in Russia have been guaranteed for at least six months.

Miele said that its executive board and the staff of the Miele Group are deeply shocked by the suffering of the people in Ukraine. There is a great wave of willingness to help throughout the group, starting with the protection of the 54 Miele employees in Ukraine and their families.

Miele chief executive Dr Markus Miele said: “Despite ongoing bottlenecks in the supply of semiconductors, we managed to produce and sell more appliances in 2021 than ever before throughout our 123-year company history. Sustainable growth will continue to determine our course.

“What continues to deeply sadden us, of course, are the horrific images from Ukraine. We continue to do everything in our power to assist the 54 Miele employees there and their families. All our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.”

Staffing levels are also at an all-time high. By the end of 2021, there were a total of 21,921 employees at Miele, which is 977 more than the previous year. In Germany, Miele currently has 11,397 employees – 331 or 3% more than at the end of 2020.

In Germany, Miele sales hit € 1.39bn, increasing by 5.1% from an already very high level. Other territories, such as eastern Europe, China and the USA, made a particularly strong contribution to the overall sales.

All product groups have developed positively according to Miele, with refrigeration, cooking and dishwashing in particular being high growth areas. Laundry, floorcare and coffee-making were also high growth areas and were significantly higher than in the previous year. Miele has attributed this growth to the industry-wide home-improvement boom and the attractiveness of the current model ranges.

Since 2021, Miele has been CO₂ neutral on balance across all its locations with reference to its own emissions and those of its energy suppliers. Another change in 2021 was processing so-called green steel in the framework of a pilot involving its ovens. The CO₂ balance of green steel is 66% more favourable than conventional production methods thanks to its use of scrap steel and climate-friendly sources of energy.

Another green development for Miele is the increase in the use of recycled plastics. It aims to increase the volume of recycled materials to 7,500 tonnes a year by 2025.

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