Why new legislation could make food waste disposers a top choice for retailers

Food waste disposers already provide retailers with a great opportunity to add value to their kitchen projects but InSinkErator suggests that new legislation could make selling them even easier.

Last year, the government announced that by 2023, every UK household will receive separate weekly food waste collections as part of its plan to boost recycling with the aim of helping the country reach its target of eliminating all avoidable waste by 2050.

Simply put, this means that, by next year, all UK householders must find a way to store their food waste until the day of their weekly collection. For many, this will mean the introduction of countertop food caddies or additional bins that may emit smelly odours – not ideal for today’s demand for open-plan living spaces. 

Many consumers are likely to be interested in hearing about other ways they can deal with their food waste, in line with the new regulations. Kitchen specialists, therefore, may witness an increase in requests for food waste disposers that enable homeowners
to dispose of their food waste safely and hygienically. 

InSinkErator food waste disposers have always provided independent kitchen specialists with an easy add-on to any sink, furniture or kitchen sale, generating valuable additional turnover. However, many UK consumers are unaware of the benefits of including a food waste disposal unit in their kitchen until they are pointed out by retailers. 

This new legislation could therefore be a tipping point to help retailers convince more consumers to include a food waste disposer in their kitchen.

By educating yourself and your showroom staff on the new legislation (go to www.gov.uk for more information) and what it will mean for homeowners – you can highlight to consumers what’s around the corner and use it as another way to benefit from the value opportunity food waste disposers bring to a kitchen project.

Food waste disposers from InSinkErator allow food waste to be dealt with instantly, hygienically and in a sustainable manner, with the further benefits of saving space and improving cleanliness in the kitchen. An InSinkErator food waste disposer is the ideal solution to managing food waste, and diverting it from landfill, especially when home composting is not possible.

Not only does this offer an alternative to traditional disposal methods, but by reducing food waste to landfill sites, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases and the household’s carbon footprint. In addition, and where there is an anaerobic digester, within the sewerage system, the nutrients from the food waste can be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser, to complete the circular economy. 

InSinkErator has been manufacturing food waste disposers for over 90 years and has a range of models to suit every household, lifestyle and budget. The exclusive Showroom Collection – designed specifically for independent kitchen specialists –boasts three premium models; the compact E75 food waste disposer, which can be suggested for light use, the Evolution 150 for regular use and its premium Evolution 250 model (pictured) which is designed with large families in mind. 

Retailer testimonial

Lisa Palmer, Elgar Kitchens

Lisa Palmer, co-director, Elgar Kitchens in Worcester

“I know from my own experience that food waste disposers are incredibly good. We ask all of our clients if they want an InSinkErator one, it’s just part of the standard conversation we have with them about their lifestyle and how they use their kitchen. The major benefit from a consumer perspective is that they eliminate any nasty odours because you never have to put any food waste in the bin. The new food waste collection regulations that are coming in next year will almost definitely help retailers sell them to more consumers.”


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