kbb Birmingham retailer top five: Toby Griffin

Retail consultant Toby Griffin has been searching around kbb Birmingham to find his top pick of products. From integrated larder fridges to bold baths, he has found some fascinating new trends.

I couldn’t help but let out an “Oooooo” when the door for this new Liebherr Peak integrated larder fridge was opened. It is such a simple but great idea to put a full set of drawers into refrigeration, and I can’t help but think that it’d look great if placed in a kitchen next to a larder pull-out system like Blum’s Space Tower.

With an excellent concept stand at the show, Acquabella have impressed with their Quiz range of bathtubs and shower trays. The design concept has won numerous awards including Red Dot and IF, and it’s great to see bold, geometric lines foqr a real statement piece in the bathroom.

As we all know, kitchen design would be easy if it wasn’t for corners! So with little new innovation in the corner unit/storage since Kessebohmer’s Le Mans, it was great to see that Ninka have thought ‘outside the box’ and looked to mitre adjacent corner units, and by using their Trigon pull-outs, good access is allowed into both.

With attempts to light the extrusion on true-handleless kitchens proving quite tricky to do well, congratulations to the team at Pronorm for creating this beauty, in which the light strip is integrated into a channel for a subtle, yet alluring effect. Available exclusively under their i-Luminate brand, the light temperature can be changed, and – in the picture – the warm-white setting has a wonderful effect when cast over brushed brass.

Elica has been producing stunning extractors for a long time now, but – in an unusually understated way – the Ikona Maxxi Pure is a combi hood (no, it hasn’t got a microwave built-in!) which is home to an extractor and an air purifier. With us all more conscious of cleaner, fresher air in the home, this is a piece that works well to address that.

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