Sensio Lighting launches new KBB training academy

Yorkshire-based kitchen and bathroom lighting supplier, Sensio Lighting, has launched a new academy and mobile training centre aimed at KBB designers and sales teams.

The Sensio Academy is made up of a digital training platform, live online and in-person training programmes, and MICK — the Mobile Illumination Centre for KBB.

Sensio says the aim of the new initiatives is to equip designers with the knowledge to confidently specify lighting in their kitchen, bedroom and bathroom projects. The Sensio Academy’s mission is to deliver on the company’s brand promise of ‘Making Lighting Simple’.

Neil Oldfield, Sensio training and product manager, said: “Lighting can often be overlooked on a new installation project. Either the same single set of under-cabinet lights are specified time and time again, despite advances in technology or different styles of kitchen, or more often dismissed from plans altogether. The most common reason we hear for this barrier is the fear designers have about lighting. They worry it’s complicated to install and fit, they’re unsure where wiring needs to go, how to power it or what to order, and don’t often appreciate the transformational impact that lighting can have on the space.

“These concerns go for both kitchens and bathrooms, and within the latter, there are the additional considerations of safe installation in a wet environment. The purpose of the Sensio Academy is to demystify lighting and end the notion that lighting is complex.”

As a bespoke mobile training centre, MICK will be visiting design and sales teams up and down the country to deliver training at retailers’ own premises. “MICK isn’t just a showroom on wheels,” says Oldfield. “We’ve designed this in such a way that when designers come on board, they are participating in a fully immersive experience.

“From understanding the impact of lighting, how to install it, considerations when planning lighting and all the features and benefits of our range of lights and illuminated LED mirrors, the training van elevates the online and in-person training we offer as part of the Academy programme and brings everything to life with the convenience of coming direct to their door.”

Paul Gerrard (pictured right), an experienced trainer with a background in delivering training within the armed forces and the police force, joined Sensio in the autumn of 2021 to bolster the training team and will be taking the lead in delivering training out in the field via MICK.

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