Repic hits two million tonne milestone

Repic has announced that it has financed the collection and recycling of more than two million tonnes of WEEE since July 2007.

Repic is the UK’s largest WEEE producer compliance scheme and is one of 37 approved schemes, but is the only one to reach this milestone.

Every year, Repic has worked with its partners to raise awareness of WEEE recycling and as a result, the volume of WEEE has steadily increased.

A recent study by Repic also revealed that British households are harbouring more than 81 million redundant tech items. Each British home is storing at least three redundant electrical items worth £591.

Repic chief executive Philip Morton said: “The proper recycling and recovery of end-of-life electricals has made an enormous contribution to the environment, the economy and employment. The more WEEE that we can capture in the system, the better.

“We have been able to achieve this milestone because of the fantastic commitment from our producer members, our local authority, Waste Company, retailer and treatment partners and of course our dedicated Repic team.

“The media too has played a strong role, positively promoting the WEEE system and encouraging active participation by consumers. I look forward to seeing Repic reach even higher goals in the future.”

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