Geberit AquaClean campaign goes viral

Geberit’s social media campaign using the #myfirsttime has gone viral after a series of videos featuring three-year-old Noah were posted.

The short videos capture Noah’s reaction to using the AquaClean shower toilet for the first time, which attracted 330,000 views on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“The success of the campaign demonstrates the power of social media in getting a message across to a wide-reaching audience,” said Geberit marketing director Raffaela De Vittorio. “Bathroom technology, such as shower toilets, needs to be marketed in a slightly different way to a standard WC as it’s all about the experience. The videos use humour to help get this message across in a way that a simple print advertisement can’t.”

The social media activity has been part of an integrated marketing campaign, alongside radio advertising and a roadshow with specially designed trucks, complete with working AquaClean toilets.

De Vittorio added: “By going viral, the campaign has got people talking, in a way that they wouldn’t usually, about personal hygiene and the advantages of choosing a shower toilet. It’s a great ice-breaker for our retail partners too, who can use the videos as an introduction to a sale.”

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