Virtual Worlds: Expansion without limits

Virtual Worlds Bancey Bathrooms
Bancey Bathrooms showroom was fully designed using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre

For Bancey Bathrooms in Wiltshire, the decision to use Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre not only gave its customers a whole new design experience, but offered new possibilities for a showroom expansion.

The Bancey Bathrooms showroom in Box, Wiltshire, opened in January this year — a space that was conceived and fully designed using Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre. It’s no surprise, then, that the design team at Bancey are evangelical about the design software.

Showroom manager Paul Cuthbertson tells us why Virtual Worlds was their preferred choice. “I came from a background that always used Virtual Worlds. When I joined Bancey, I brought that over with me, and our director Daniel Hitchcock already knew how good it was. It can be done in front of the customer and it’s more entertaining — rather than looking at line graphs or 2D drawings. To have the ability to design in front of our customer and make it an entertaining experience is something we’re proud to offer.”

Sold on the idea of Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre, next step was the onboarding and installation process. Something that might sound complicated but, as Cuthbertson explains, was all very simple. “It was super-easy! For the installation, everything was taken care of, and everything was in Virtual Worlds’ hands. When we initially enquired about the software, we were given all the information we needed, which made us more than happy to provide Virtual Worlds with the product details they needed to complete the installation. It was all done and dusted in an afternoon.”

Individual training

Virtual Worlds allows showrooms to expand immeasurably without costly renovations

Cuthbertson had been through the training previously, but still had the opportunity to train again with colleagues who hadn’t. The training, therefore, isn’t a rigid, one-size-fits-all setup and perfectly met the needs of the Bancey staff. “Training for us was over a virtual call and we got to grips with it quickly,” says Cuthbertson. “We covered the design software but also the designing process, too.”

While this was the training method that suited the team at Bancey, a more personal face-to-face session was also offered. “Sometimes a trainer will come and see you, but we were also invited to Virtual Worlds headquarters in Milton Keynes,” says Cuthbertson. “They have all the computers and headsets ready to go and you can have the training face-to-face. As I say, they do have people available to come to us for a refresher course, if we need it.

“There is also someone at the end of the phone, so if you have one or two questions, like if you need reminding how to do something particular in the software, they’ve always got someone on hand to help.”

With such a glowing reference, what advice would Cuthbertson give a retailer or showroom who might be interested in Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre? “The big thing is the ease of use. Compared with other software packages, it’s so easy to use. And that support is always there. You don’t need a big showroom, either. In fact, we’re thinking of creating a completely virtual kitchen showroom. So, a 4D kitchen showroom, not physical bricks-and-mortar. That’s how much confidence we have in the software. We’d love to able to say to our customers, ‘yes, you’re in a bathroom showroom, but put this headset on and you can be in our kitchen showroom immediately.”

You can request a Virtual Worlds demo HERE, or for more information please e-mail [email protected] or call 01908 663848.

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