Ultra claims its prices are ‘among industry’s lowest’

Bathroom distributor Ultra Finishing has moved to clarify its pricing structure, following the announcement back in June that it was introducing a 10% surcharge throughout July and August.

The company stressed that, through cost-saving exercises, only half of this (5%) was actually passed on to its customers.

It also highlighted that the 10% surcharge followed a 15% reduction on its retail prices on June 1.

Ultra claimed this made its prices “some of the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry”.

The company has now announced a 7.5% price increase effective from September 1.

It argued that while other businesses are introducing a 10% price increase – brought on by the weak pound when trading against the US dollar and euro – its 7.5% increase remains lower than pre-June pricing levels.

In a statement, Ultra explained: “While the freefall appears to have stabilised, the recovery hasn’t begun.

“To clarify our position moving in to the coming months, on September 1 we plan to introduce a 7.5% increase to our previously reduced retail prices. We are pleased to confirm customers’ terms will remain unchanged and the surcharge will then be removed from all pricing.”

The company said that it would continue to monitor exchange rates and other external factors closely.

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