Whirlpool extends its five and 10 year warranty offer

Whirlpool has extended its offer of a five-year labour and 10-year parts warranty on its new premium appliances range until November 20.

Among the products chosen to carry the extended guarantee are the FSCR 12441 washing machine and HSCX tumble dryer from the 6th Sense Live connected appliance line-up.

Whirlpool said that the new warranty demonstrates its “continuing commitment to customers” and its “confidence in the durability” of its products.

Jennifer Taylor, Whirlpool senior brand manager, said: “Whirlpool has a strong reputation for producing intuitive, quality products that provide excellent results with minimum effort. In extending our warranty to offer free labour for five years, and free parts for ten years, our customers can now rest assured that their Whirlpool products will not only make their everyday lives easier, but will keep on doing so for many years to come.”

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