Bath vs showers: which do people in the UK prefer?

Almost everyone (95%) in UK cities prefer showers over baths, according to recent data by QS Supplies.

Only three cities in the UK – Mansfield, Poole and High Wycombe – prefer baths over showers while the other 70 cities investigated all prefer showers.

QS Supplies said: “We found that the world overwhelmingly prefers baths to showers. The shower is closer to a chore, a daily necessity, while a soak in the tub is a relaxing treat. Still, preferences differ from city to city, state to state. Read on to find which places prefer which washes.”

The bathroom retailer analysed data from Twitter to see the who was tweeting the most about either baths or showers in the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Speaking on the methodology, QS Supplies said: “QS Supplies analysed thousands of geotagged, bathroom-themed tweets using the SentiStrength sentiment analysis tool. We identified which tweets were overall more positive or negative towards the bath, and did the same for the shower. Then we added up our findings and declared the places with more overall positivity towards baths to be pro-bath provinces, and those who tweeted more positively about the shower to be pro-shower.”

In the USA, the majority of sates preferred baths with only 12% preferring showers. Three states in the north-east preferred showers like New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine. The other states that liked showers more are Alabama, North Dakota and Idaho.

However, the USA cities there is not quite as much of divide with a 34% preference to showers. There is not a geographical divide of where the preference of bath or showers in the USA cities with those who love showers dotted around the different coasts and central America.  

Out of 46 of cities in Canada, 33% preferred a bath to showers. The largest Montréal, Vancouver, and Toronto all prefer the bath tub.

In Australia, 28% of people in major cities prefer showers to baths. The major cities in Australia preferred baths while smaller cities – Cairns, Toowoomba, Newcastle and Ballarat – like showers more.

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