Delivery times returning to normal, says Miele

Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, executive directors and co-proprietors of Miele

Miele bosses have assured retailers that, after years of delays due to high demand and component shortages, lead times are returning to normal.

While some product categories are back to typical delivery times, Miele is taking steps to make all products available at pre-Covid levels by the end of this year.

Dr Marcus Miele, executive director at Miele, said in the IFA press briefing in Berlin: “We can happily report that delivery times are getting better. In most of our product groups, we are coming back to a normal situation. But, I can tell you, this has taken much work.

“We are fighting in production each and every day to get the right materials. And we’re not 100% there yet, but I hope we will be there at the end of this year so that we can deliver again at normal times.”

All appliance manufacturers have faced similar delays since the pandemic, and, as a result, retailers and customers faced extraordinarily long lead times. Delays are caused by increased demand and the shortage of semiconductors for their appliances.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann, executive director of Miele, said at IFA: “Our unfortunately long delivery times, which were mainly due to Covid and the shortage of semiconductors, are returning to normal in big steps. We are practically back to normal delivery times in most product categories.”

He added: “In the years after the pandemic outbreak, the extraordinary economic situation from which our entire industry profited significantly has returned to normal in recent months. In addition, there has been a sharp drop in the general consumer climate in important markets. Of course, we all know the reasons for that. At the same time, however, the demand for high-quality domestic appliances, especially in the built-in sector, remains high.”

Miele has seen a big increase in sales in 2021, with a growth of 7.5%, which was higher than in 2020, where the company sales were 6.5% up year on year. As for 2021, Miele is on track for growth after the first half of this year.

The manufacturer cited increased consumer demand as a driver for this growth. It also suspects that the level of demand will remain high after years of extraordinary demand. 

Zinkann said: “Miele remains on track for growth after the first half of this business year. I want to take the opportunity to thank our retail partners for their committed and competent support even and especially under the difficult conditions of the pandemic.”

During IFA, Miele focused on sustainability, especially the launch of a new feature of its app where end users can easily track their energy usage. Consumer demand for more eco appliances is also on the rise, according to Zinkann, who said that people are now more conscious when purchasing appliances about longevity and efficiency.

He said: “It seems that many people are more conscious of the longevity and energy efficiency of the domestic appliances.”

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