LAUFEN introduces Lua: inspirational design at an affordable price

Giving your bathroom or en suite a luxurious look usually means splashing the cash, so with the current cost of living on everyone’s minds, the timing for LAUFEN’S new Lua collection couldn’t have been better. Created by esteemed French designer Toan Nguyen, this complete bathroom collection brings affordable design to any home.

Here, Emma Mottram, Brand Marketing Manager for LAUFEN, reveals five reasons why retailers should make space for the new Lua collection.

Wealth of choice

Lua comprises elegantly shaped pieces with a pared-back aesthetic, perfect for achieving a sophisticated contemporary look. Products include rimless wall-hung and close-coupled WCs and bidets; single and double washbasins; freestanding and back-to-wall bathtubs in durable Marbond composite and acrylic drop-in bathtubs. A range of slimline basin, bidet, bath, and shower mixers echo the simple design language of Lua sanitaryware.

The new Lua collection is designed to complement LAUFEN’s new Lani furniture. Comprising wall-hung vanity units, wall cabinets and tall cabinets with a timeless aesthetic to suit any bathroom décor, the series offers savvy storage for compact and spacious bathrooms alike. Beautifully designed inside and out, Lani furniture offers plenty of space for essentials, with safety glass shelving and compartmentalised drawers. A range of mirrors complete the look.

Lani furniture comes in a standard palette of White Matt, White Glossy, Traffic Grey and Wild Oak. Also available are three metallic finishes – Gold, Copper and Titanium – and 37 matt colours, ranging from Sage Green and Smokey Blue to Antique Pink and Ochre Brown.

Designer Toan Nguyen

Designed by Toan Nguyen

LAUFEN has long partnered with world-class designers to create its acclaimed bathroom collections, and Lua is no exception. Designed by esteemed French designer Toan Nguyen and inspired by the holistic approach LAUFEN has always applied to its bathroom designs, Toan has ensured that all elements of Lua work in harmony. In addition, Lua can be combined with many other products from the LAUFEN catalogue, allowing consumers to mix and match to create an entirely personalised scheme.

Emphasis on hygiene

The Lua ceramic collection is available in LAUFEN’s innovative Clean Coat (LCC) surface finish, which is baked on over the original glaze. This creates a pore-free, practically indestructible surface that ensures grime, limescale and bacteria are easily rinsed away by running water.

There are no fewer than 23 Lua basins, all of which are available in LAUFEN’s innovative LCC finish. Further thoughtful details include spacious tap decks and, on the wall-hung basins, pre-drilled holes to attach a towel rail.

Lua WCs are also available in the LCC finish. Furthermore, all the WCs are rimless, which means there are no nooks or crannies for bacteria to build up, resulting in easier cleaning and improved hygiene. And a washdown flush is available as standard. This uses the heavy pressure of water flowing from the tank to flush out the bowl thoroughly.

Save water and energy

Lua includes a full range of brassware, specifically designed to complement the simple design language of the basins, baths and bidets. In keeping with the rest of the collection, the brassware offers design flexibility, with a high-rise tap for the countertop basin and wall-mounted bath mixers for the freestanding baths.

The Lua brassware collection also helps save water and energy thanks to the Ecototal control cartridge that runs cold water by default when the lever is in the central home position. This prevents the unintentional use of hot water and saves your boiler igniting every time the tap is turned on.

Eco friendly

As well as offering an affordable luxe look, Lua and Lani are also environmentally friendly choices. Both benefit from LAUFEN’S holistic approach to sustainability, which is present across its operations. For example, production facilities use power from renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and hydropower systems, and all LAUFEN bathroom furniture and components are manufactured in Europe. This ensures production that meets the European regulations on environmental and workforce protection and reduces the distances that products travel.

When it comes to manufacturing, LAUFEN only uses wood that originates from Europe and is certified by the FSC and PEFC. These guarantee sustainable and responsible forestry without overexploitation or uncontrolled deforestation. In addition, LAUFEN uses a high percentage of recycled wood to manufacture its wood composite materials, substantially reducing logging.

Alongside this, LAUFEN has eliminated Styrofoam inserts from packaging and, wherever possible, only uses 100 per cent recycled cardboard. Pre-assembled furniture is packed entirely without polystyrene and frequently used components are delivered in reusable containers. LAUFEN also avoids overproduction and wastage by manufacturing to order, reducing the need for storage space, which leads to lower energy consumption.

And, when it’s time for a change in the bathroom, many LAUFEN components can be reused. For instance, wood veneers are 100 per cent recyclable and furniture foils can also be reutilised to manufacture plastic pipes for sanitary and electrical applications. This makes LAUFEN the brand for a sustainably stylish bathroom and beyond.

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