Dornbracht creates a Water Experience for London Design Festival

The Dornbracht Water Experience promises to be “a dramatic representation of the impact that water has on our health”.

Water Experience will be part of the designjunction exhibition in Granary Square in London’s Kings Cross, which is part of this year’s London Design Festival, which runs from September 22-25.

The waterfall installation will be constructed from Dornbracht products and is designed to evoke the feeling of standing by the sea.

With eight purpose-built, Monopoly-style houses, Dornbracht said the installation would demonstrate its expertise in connectivity by interacting with its environment.

The installation will trigger two of the permanent fountains in Granary Square to produce a wave effect that appears to radiate from the house out into its surroundings.

The wave will move at the speed of a walking passer-by, finishing in a mist spray giving the impression of walking towards the sea.

The waterfall and movement of the fountain will also be connected to sound. A live string quartet will perform several times a day throughout the festival. The water spray will be orchestrated to move in time with the musicians’ playing.

David Nicholls, head of sales and marketing at Dornbracht UK, said: “The Dornbracht Water Experience dramatises the central role that water has for our health, and how it can change the way we feel. Dornbracht designs use connectivity to engage and transform water into an element that promotes energy, balance and health.”

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