These are times when homeowners need reassurance about investing in their main asset. Will their purchase stand the test of time in terms of style, functionality and quality? Does it represent good value. Does it add value?

At Hettich we believe we have a particularly vital role to play as we embark on the next 12 months alongside our customers.

A key part of this role is communication. Of course we should communicate openly with our immediate customers about everything from product availability to logistics. But we see an extended role in communicating with the wider market and generating interest in the benefits and pleasure which comes with innovation and quality in interiors. 

Spreading the word

Through a variety of consumer-facing platforms we will take the opportunity to make the case for performance and longevity as the sustainable and astute way to invest hard-earned money in fitted furniture. We intend that this should contribute to a positive image for the industry in 2023.

Our messaging can be part of the retailer’s messaging. Our sustainability story, for example, is part of the wider product-related sustainability story which retail customers will be increasingly interested to hear. From green electricity to reduced-emission intermodal transport solutions, Hettich Group has been implementing sustainability principles since the early 1990s. In the last few turbulent years, Hettich has resolutely looked to the future with investments in carbon-neutral factories for our latest drawer system AvanTech YOU, for our renowned Sensys hinges and for the growing market in India. This is worth telling.

Something special

Embracing trends, from urbanisation to individualisation, is part of what we can do to help bring something special to interior solutions. Flexible manufacturing makes it possible for end-users to customise their furniture, not only in the way it looks from the inside, but the way it performs its functions – sliding and folding doors as an alternative to traditional cabinet doors, is just one example.

Earlier this year, we championed the individualisation theme with Profiles and Capes for AvanTech YOU. Profiles cover the top profile of the drawer side, while Capes cover both the top and outer side. Hettich offers a range of Profiles and Capes, but it’s a way for customers to get involved and creative with their own ideas. 

This could include anything from subtle vinyl wraps to match or complement cabinet designs to, at the other end of the scale, cartoon characters, perhaps for bedroom furniture manufacturers looking to appeal to the children’s market. The sky, or at least the imagination, is the limit and giving wings to the customer’s vision is a key to success as we enter a potentially challenging retail landscape.

So, while AvanTech YOU has exemplified this individual approach throughout 2022, next year we will introduce a specific and highly-relevant solution based on this platform – a package which will excite retailers and, above all, their customers. Details will follow soon.

We are in this together. This is easy to say but gains meaning when backed by innovative, quality solutions, service beyond what’s expected, mutual trust and a determination to strive for better.

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