KBB companies step in to help Turkish/Syrian earthquake victims

Beko appliances sent as part of Arçelik Group’s package of aid and support

Companies from the wider KBB industry have stepped up to offer aid and support to victims of the earthquake that struck south-eastern Turkey near the Syrian border last Monday morning.

The magnitude 7.0 quake centred of Turkey’s Aegean coast is reported to have killed more than 40,000 people so far.

Two Turkish-owned companies – Arçelik group, parent company of Beko and The Eczacibasi Group, which owns Vitra – as well as BSH and Miele in Germany, have provided help for the earthquake victims.

Arçelik said in a statement: “As the Arçelik family, coordinated by Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and Ministry of Industry and Technology, with [disaster and emergency management authority] AFAD’s guidance, we are working tirelessly through Koç Group Crisis Coordination Center to deliver priority necessities to disaster areas.

“In addition to the individual efforts of our colleagues, dealers and technical services, we’ve dispatched trucks to the disaster zones carrying heaters, winter clothing, blankets as well as our hygiene trucks for urgent hygiene needs. We are constantly monitoring the situation in the areas affected by the earthquake. We will continue to work with all our strength for all the needs that may arise.”

Arçelik has despatched 25 trucks and more than 400,000 packages to the area, including food, clothing and heating. It also delivered refrigerators to the field hospital in Antakya to help protect and preserve medical supplies.

The Eczacibasi Group is actively supporting the rescue efforts with the Group’s professional search and rescue teams and construction equipment. They are also supporting with aid for hygiene and health-related needs, donating portable toilets, hygiene products and 150,000 boxes of critical medicines.

In addition, the Eczacibasi Group has made a corporate monetary donation to humanitarian NGO, the Life Association. It also set up fund-raising site and within 24 hours, its employees, their families and business partners donated another 1 million Turkish lira (£44,000). The money will be used to purchase and deliver items such as tents, stoves and blankets. The group is also coordinating a volunteer programme from its workforce to collect and deliver food, winter clothing, hygiene products and other basic items.”

BSH Appliances has also stepped in with help and has announced a donation of €1.5m (£1.33m) of rapid aid to help earthquake victims.

In a statement, BSH said: “Particularly children and their families are suffering great hardships from the tragedy and affliction these earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have brought.

“Together with our partners in the region, we are supporting those on the ground and ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches those most urgently in need. Hence, we as BSH will provide monetary support for children’s aid organisations and donate home appliances to people in need – reaching a collective value of €1m.”

Appliance brand Miele has provided a €100,000 aid donation to Aktion Deutschland Lift e.V and has also pledged to provide washing machines and tumble-dryers.

The company said: “We are deeply shocked by the devastating consequences of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and by the terrible images reaching us from the area. Our thoughts are with all those who live in the affected areas and those who have lost relatives or friends.

“We hope that all those who are still trapped under the rubble can be saved and aid will reach the places where it is most urgently needed as quickly as possible, despite the difficulties the situation presents.”

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