Hoover Candy increases its market share

New figures from appliance manufacturer Hoover Candy suggest its products now account for 10.1% of the overall market.

The company also claims one-in-10 freestanding major domestic appliances sold in the UK is either a Hoover or Candy model.

The figures, based on market performance from January to May 2016, cover sales of washing machines, washer-dryers, tumble-dryers, dishwashers and refrigeration.

Tumble-dryer sales have seen the steepest increase with one-in-five tumble-dryers sold in the UK now Hoover or Candy.

“The growth in the laundry sector in particular has been phenomenal,” said Steve Macdonald, marketing director of the Hoover freestanding division. “We largely attribute this to the development of new connected and large-capacity product ranges, which has had a halo effect on sales across the business.

“Channel management has also been pivotal in aiding this success. We have invested resources in developing our understanding of what is required in each sector of the white-goods market. And our product offering and range has been adapted accordingly to suit each channel.”

The washing machine market currently stands at 2.54 million units, which equates to approximately £822m in value. Hoover Candy is estimated to currently account for 11.8% of this market. Meanwhile, the freestanding tumble-dryer market is valued at £247m, with Hoover Candy accounting for 16.6%.

“The laundry market in general is performing very well and it is exciting to have our products at the forefront of this prosperity,” Macdonald continued. “We are confident these strong figures will continue throughout the remainder of 2016 and into 2017.”

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