The kbbreview Podcast: Going beyond the client’s brief

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies and today while you maybe anticipating a normal episode, we promise that we’re going to totally exceed your expectations and deliver something beyond your imagination.

Well, sort of.

That’s our topic for today anyway, we’ll be talking about how kitchen and bathroom designers go beyond the client’s brief and really stretch both their own design skills but also the expectations of the person who’s going to use that room everyday.

It’s all about that part of the designer’s skill that is managing the client – pushing their ideas beyond what they could’ve imagined, but also convincing them that it’s a practical idea they can live with.

This is where design skills meet people skills and it’s an absolutely fascinating area to explore.

It was actually a theme that came out of this year’s kbbreview Retail & Design Awards judging sessions where judges repeatedly found themselves praising entries that had stretched the client’s expectations.

So who better to talk about it than two of our design award winners? We have Kia Stanford from Kia Designs in London and Kate Lusty from Elementi Cucina in Cardiff and they’ll be talking to kbbreview editor Rebecca Nottingham.

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