Stoves launches new zoneless range cooker

Appliance brand Stoves has announced the launch of its new and upgraded Deluxe range cooker which features zoneless induction technology. The new appliance series, which Stoves describes as ‘a world first’, takes advantage of a zoneless induction hotplate, meaning users can position saucepans anywhere they want to on the surface, instead of being restricted by fixed cooking rings.

Stoves believes that the implementation of its new FreedomFLEX™ zoneless induction hotplates will open up new opportunities for home cooks, allowing pots and pans of any shape or size to be used in conjunction with each other.

Other features of the new range cookers include pre-programmed settings for activities such as melting chocolate or simmering, TrueTemp digital thermostats to eliminate variations in oven temperature, and a management system that it says remembers the temperatures of individual pots.

Available in both dual-fuel and electric induction models, and a range of sizes from 900mm to 1100mm widths, the collection is launching in three distinct styles: the Richmond Deluxe, Sterling Deluxe, and Precision Deluxe.

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