Amdea calls for more Government action on repairing appliances

Appliance manufacturers trade body Amdea has called on the Government to ensure households buy into today’s more efficient products and has launched its new Repairs and Spares website to help the drive towards Net Zero.

At a recent Parliamentary Reception, Amdea pushed the Government to encourage consumers to use energy-efficient appliances and pointed to the example of other European countries that are promoting sustainability by offering reduced VAT in repairs and providing cash grants for consumers to switch to high-efficiency products.

France, pointed out Amdea, has introduced anti-waste grants of up to €45 on repairs carried out by accredited professionals. In Sweden, VAT has been reduced to 12% on repairs, while in Spain, regional governments in Madrid and Galicia are also introducing grants to encourage people to buy more efficient appliances.

As part of the drive to promote the circular economy, Amdea has launched its new consumer-facing Repairs and Spares website, which offers householders instant access to genuine spare parts, expert repairs and advice from 68 of the UK’s leading appliance brands.

Amdea chief executive Paul Hide said: “Right now, everyone is receptive to ways of reducing household costs. Promoting home savings by making the most of installed technology is pushing at an open door. The industry is also putting its weight behind encouraging cost-effective repairs that extend appliance lifespans. 

“But when homes need to replace appliances, many require help to look beyond the price tag to long-term choices for themselves and the environment. The Government must step up now, while there is an appetite for change, to add some meaningful financial incentives.”

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