The kbbreview Podcast: Outdoor kitchens

Welcome to Episode Nine of Season Eight of The kbbreview Podcast, your host as always is Andy Davies.

Today we’re looking at what has become a real growth area for the kitchen retail market – and we could definitely do with some of that at the moment – and that’s outdoor kitchens.

They’ve shot up in popularity since we all took a new interest in the totality of our home during lockdown and, for customers with a few bob, they’re looking to utilise their outdoor space as much as indoors when it comes to entertaining and cooking.

So, kbbreview’s Chris Frankland has been talking to two retailers who are already doing it to great success – old friend of the show Richard Hibbert from KSL in Sudbury and Richard Kingston from Bell of Northampton.

This is packed with loads of advice on starting out, choosing suppliers, targeting consumers, working with garden designers and much more…

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