Rebranded LDL invests to improve customer service and availability

New LDL owners Ross Darroch (seated) and Simon Noble

Now under new management, furniture components distributor LDL has rebranded and implemented multiple changes to improve customer service and availability.

The improvements the company has introduced include a new rebrand introduced under the direction of directors Ross Darroch and Simon Noble, who bought out previous MD and owner Simon Ogden in September last year.

Over the past 12 months, LDL says that it has implemented a more sophisticated planning, delivery and communications system so that it can enhance the customer experience it provides.

The new improvements include an advanced modelling and forecasting system to ensure that LDL always has stock available and an advanced communications system that uses AI to identify who is calling and puts them straight through to the right person. A new ticketing system also keeps track of the whole process to speed up the path from initial contact to completion.

“During the past 12 months we have undergone a number of developments which includes a whole new rebrand, which we love as it really shows our vision for the future,” said Darroch.

“We have also been able to push forward with amazing technology to add to the breadth of products and services that we can offer to our customers as customer care is key to everything that we do. Now, we are continuing to grow on our journey where everyone can benefit from the services and products which we provide.”

Darroch added: “We are always working with our business partners to provide the best solutions ensuring everything is made easy. The new technologies we have introduced have further improved communication with our customers from response times to planning projects and orders – everything is carried out with the customers at the forefront of everyone’s mind right throughout the business.”

Noble added: “We recognise that our customer’s brand is just as important as our own. It does not matter what scenario our customers may have – we can provide a solution and we are constantly pushing through boundaries to ensure that we continue to improve our services all of the time.

The technological knowledge we share within the company and the ethic we choose to abide by is something we are all very proud of and it enables us to keep pushing forward. Once we are in a partnership we are in it for a very, very long time and work with our partners to offer sustainable solutions that will stand the test of time.”

LDL specialises in distributing products high-quality furniture components from the Blum, Peka, Ninka, Furnipart and Agoform and the company says it intends to generate additional opportunities to become fulfilment partners in the UK for large, multi-scale brands that “share the same values”.

LDL Components was originally formed in 2010 when Lord Distribution and OML merged. A management buyout was successfully complete in April 2018 by then director Simon Ogden. In 2022, Ogden announced that the business would move forward under new ownership, with former finance director Darroch and operations director Noble taking a majority stake. Ogden remains as a minority shareholder.

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