The kbbreview Podcast: Inside Howdens

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast – this is Episode Two of Season Nine and your host is Andy Davies.

It’s a really, really interesting one today as we get a peek behind the curtain at the company that sells more kitchens than anyone else in the UK by a mighty margin – Howdens.

Last week saw the release of its half-year results for the six months up to the end of June and this was accompanied by an online investor conference call with CEO Andrew Livingston.

As a listed company, this is all public record of course so we listened in and pulled out a few nuggets that show how Howdens is doing given all the prevailing economic conditions, as well as some strategic highlights that demonstrate where its focus is, and where it sees new opportunities.

And, spoiler alert, many of those opportunities are about coming up the market in terms of value…

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