The kbbreview Podcast: Resolving customer disputes

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, your host as always is Andy Davies and for anyone who says he’s not then we demand compensation or we’ll see you in court!

Yes, this week we’re talking all about dispute resolution or, in layman’s terms, what you do when you have a disagreement with a customer and shouting rude things about their mother to them through their letterbox just doesn’t seem to be helping get it all to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

Genuine customer disputes are few and far between in the independent kitchen and bathroom retailer world, these are businesses built on exceptional customer service of course, but every now and again, despite all your best efforts, things can go wrong.

Or, probably more likely, awkward clients just aren’t listening to reason.

And that’s where you might need some professional help, so we’ll be talking it all through with Ciaran Harkin from Dispute Assist.

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