The kbbreview Podcast: Packaging (and who’s responsible for it…)

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, this is Episode Four of Season Nine and it’s being delivered to you all wrapped up in a cardboard box of information stuffed with the plastic air pillows of relevance.

That’s because we’re talking about packaging today.

Every single kitchen or bathroom project you do generates loads of waste as you take every component out of its wrapping. Most of you will probably take it all away and dispose of it in the best way you can, and while a lot of it might be able to be recycled, a lot of it isn’t and it’s all just one more thing to think about.

But who is actually responsible for it, and what is being done to try and reduce it and at least make manufacturers in particular think much more about what they use, and how much of it is necessary?

We’re talking to our expert Josh Carradi-Remi from EcoVeritas and he’ll be filling us in on Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR and the changing laws around packaging. Stick with it, it’s much more interesting than that sounds!

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