Blum invests in solar panels for UK HQ


Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, Austrian-based components manufacturer Blum has installed over 900 solar panels on the roof of its UK headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Blum says that the new solar panels are capable of generating up to 75% of the building’s energy needs, and that the installation will save an estimated 94 tonnes of carbon each year. The panels will absorb solar energy during the working day, as well as out of office hours and during weekends, and Blum plans to sell any excess energy generated back to the main grid.

Technical support manager at Blum UK, Matthew Glanfield, said: “At Blum UK, sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. Now we have gone the extra mile by installing a magnificent solar farm, embracing renewable energy as much as we can and nurturing a brighter tomorrow. Our passion for sustainability has driven these steps, as we ramp up our efforts and continue to live by our values.”

In addition to the solar panels, three sustainable beehives have been established behind the Blum UK warehouse, with plans for seven more to be installed in the future.

Raj Tanna, Blum’s warehouse manager, said: “Our commitment to nature and the environment continues to expand and now, with the introduction of purely pollinator-friendly beehives, we are ready to make a real difference. We are so proud of our efforts to protect the environment and create a more sustainable future and could not be more thrilled to welcome our buzzing friends to our site.”

Earlier this month, Blum also released its sales figures for the past financial year, reporting a steep decline in sales owing to the current state of the economy.

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