From the moment our products hit the market in 2017, our ladders were eagerly embraced by customers looking for the balance of beauty and utility that we offered. Fast-forward to today, and six years of dedication and drive to deliver more high-quality, luxury and beautiful products have transformed the Library Ladder Company into more than just a solution to a design challenge. We’ve expanded our horizons, introducing a diverse range of interior decor solutions that echo our original ethos of form and function, aesthetics, and purpose.

Q: You have also expanded your product ranges, what new products do you offer and tell us more about your exciting range of wall panelling?

A: Absolutely, our journey at LLCompany has been one of continuous growth and innovation. While our foundation was laid with the library ladders, we’ve since broadened our scope, into many other product lines, such as sliding barn door kits, secret bookcase door hinges, hand-forged cabinet handles, decorative coving, wall mouldings, skirting and most recently, exquisite interior doors.

The expansion into wall panelling has been a natural evolution for us and our range of 3D wall panels showcases an array of designs and styles, each meticulously designed to add charm, character, and wow-factor to interior spaces. From the timeless elegance of traditional shaker-style panels to the contemporary beauty of linear fluted, slatted, and ribbed patterns, our wall panelling transforms walls into canvases of texture, depth, and character.

Kitchen ladder helps reach high-up cupboard storage

Q: Do you feel ladders and panelling could be a valuable add-on for KBB retailers in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms?

A: Undoubtedly, the incorporation of ladders and wall panelling from LLCompany holds immense potential as a valuable add-on for KBB retailers, both within kitchens and bathrooms.

Ladders, beyond their functional utility, can serve as fantastic focal points within kitchens and bedrooms, adding an element of sophistication and convenience. A rolling ladder will enhance accessibility to high storage spaces, but is also an opportunity for designers and homeowners to make a bold design statement. Made from FSC timber, the ladders, and the hardware come with a lifetime guarantee, allowing designers to feel comfortable in adding the products into their designs.

Furthermore, our range of wall panelling opens a world of design possibilities for KBB designers, making it a compelling addition to their offerings. The wide range of wall panel design styles mean they can be seamlessly incorporated into various design aspects and rooms. In kitchens they can be used on walls, cabinets, splashbacks, and kitchen islands. In bathrooms, on walls, vanity units, cabinet fronts, bath panels and more. In bedrooms, the wall panels are perfect for wardrobe doors, applied to walls to create a feature headboard or for zoning bedroom areas.

The main range of wall panels are crafted from a waterproof, lightweight and long-life material, which makes them an ideal fit for humid and wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This inherent durability ensures that the panels maintain their pristine appearance, even in challenging environments.

Home office wall panelling

Q: Can you offer a retailer’s designer help in incorporating your ladders or panelling into their design projects?

A: We take immense pride in not only providing exceptional products, but also fostering a collaborative and supportive partnership with retailers and designers.Our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in the nuances of design aesthetics, functionality, and spatial dynamics. We stand ready to collaborate closely with retailers’ designers, offering insights, recommendations, and personalised solutions that align perfectly with their creative vision.

Q: Can you offer a bespoke option?

A: While we provide a range of standard stocked-height ladders, we understand that every space is distinct, and sometimes standard dimensions may not work with your designs. This is where our bespoke service comes into play. Our manufacturing team can expertly manufacture rolling ladders up to 4.2metres high, in materials such as Oak, Walnut and Maple, ensuring a seamless fit within any design scheme.

In line with our dedication to providing versatile solutions, our library ladders are deliberately delivered unfinished, allowing designers and retailers the creative freedom to apply their unique vision. The ladder can be painted, stained, or lacquered to achieve the desired colour or finish, harmonising effortlessly with the overall design palette and aesthetic.

Q: What is the lead-time on products such as ladders?

We understand the importance of a seamless, swift, and dependable experience, particularly in the final stages of a design projectWe take pride in maintaining an inventory of standard ladders and hardware components at our Bristol warehouse. These are readily available for dispatch within an 2-3 day timeframe. Should you require custom-made ladders, our commitment remains unwavering with a lead-time of 6 weeks.

We offer delivery options that cater to the convenience of both designers and end-users during the fitting process, either delivering directly to the factory for painting or finishing, or straight to the project site; our aim is to streamline the process and ensure that our products arrive promptly and in pristine condition.

Q: Tell us why your products are a perfect fit for independent KBB retailers?

A: Our products seamlessly complement KBB retailers’ offerings, enhancing design projects with both aesthetics and functionality. With items like ladders and wall panelling that align perfectly with interior fit-outs, retailers have a distinctive chance to enrich their portfolio. By integrating our products early in the design process, designers can fully leverage their unique attributes, creating visually stunning and highly functional spaces.

Q: Do you have a sustainability policy in place for the products and the company?

A: Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds as we strive to minimise our environmental impact. We are proudly verified as a carbon-neutral company, offsetting our environmental impact on certified carbon offsetting projects. We prioritise working with suppliers who have taken significant action to improve their sustainability practices and have long-term plans for further advancements. By collaborating with environmentally- conscious suppliers, we ensure that the products we distribute align with our views on quality while minimising our environmental impact.

Q: How would you sum up what The Library Ladder Company can offer KBB retailers?

A: We offer KBB retailers a unique blend of beautiful, functional, and distinct design solutions. We strive to be a dependable resource, providing products that enhance and set retailers’ projects apart. With a focus on innovation and quality, we continuously expand our product lines to align with retailers’ offerings, backed by extended warranties. Our aim is to build lasting partnerships, offering exceptional products and reliable service. We invite retailers to join us in creating exceptional spaces that resonate with clients seeking timeless elegance and practicality.

The Library Ladder Company

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