Case study: Timeless elegance in the city centre

How Napier Bathrooms worked hard to return two rooms to one and create a carefully zoned space for this period property

Transforming two boring bathrooms into one exceptional space was our remit and we worked hard in perfecting the balance of modern and classical.  

We wanted to create a room with the feeling of space and luxury, while allowing some reminiscence of being an established Georgian property. As the clients said, they wanted to “doff our caps to the history of the property”. 

It was important for us to give this client large areas devoted to both showering and for bathing. Although the huge room had plenty of space, this did not make the design easier – it actually made things more challenging.  

How would we use all the central floor space in the room? How could we create a furniture feel – a room of wellness and comfort and not just a room purely for everyday bathroom utility?  

We used a very modern concept for showering and bathing, which allowed space for walk-in showering and central room bathing. And we added a bath that, when used, allowed the client to enjoy the full scale of their charming room and with signature lighting to add warmth and the ability to change settings with light.

It was clear when in our showroom gallery that the clients loved the high-level cistern and WC by Thomas Crapper & Co, but were less fond of having a very traditional basin. We found the perfect combination, the New Classic basin and unit by Laufen working in the same space as the thundering flush of a Crapper. We loved the partnership and so did the clients.  

Crosswater Belgravia brass faucets and showering valves were the perfect ornaments to stand on the SaphirKeramik basin. They worked beautifully with the stone-coloured tiles and who would think that traditional style brass taps would ever sit on such
an innovative and revolutionary product as SaphirKeramik?  

The New Classic bathtub was a magnificent centrepiece, deserving of its stage and beautifully lit platform in the centre of the room. This platform also dealt perfectly with the plumbing restrictions presented by this space. 

The sleek and modern Chime radiator by Zehnder worked brilliantly in the room – it was somewhat of an architectural or artwork feature on the MDF panelling we designed and created.  

We also made sure the existing window shutters were in working order and underfloor heating would keep any large or small feet nice and warm.

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