Change of leadership at V-Zug UK

Swiss-based appliance brand V-Zug has appointed Aaron Haynes as its new UK managing director.

According to V-Zug’s chief international officer, Alberto Bertoz, Haynes was chosen to fill the position based on his proven success with promoting the brand’s presence in the Australian markets.

Bertoz said: “[Haynes] has successfully managed to have V-Zug as a core part of the value proposition of upper-premium multi-residential projects in Australia. His market knowledge and partner relationships skills, combined with his long association with premium brands, will be intrinsic in achieving a very similar standing in the UK, a market we strongly believe in.

“His retail background ensures a pragmatic, inquisitive focus on the changing needs of the demanding customers we aim to serve and enthuse as V-Zug.”

V-Zug is hoping that Haynes’s appointment will be key to strengthening its presence in the UK market, with Bertoz specifying that: “London and the UK are a key focus to complete the role of V-ZUG within the premium real estate industry and the cooperations with London-based architects and designers.”

Along with the announcement about V-Zug’s new UK MD, Bertoz also thanked former UK MD, David Knight, who stepped down from his role on September 1. Bertoz said: “I want to sincerely thank David Knight for having set a strong foundation for V-Zug in the UK market, navigating through post-Brexit and Covid-19, and the challenging period that followed. I wish him every success in his future career.”

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