The kbbreview Podcast: What’s going on with recruitment?

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, this is Episode 9 of Season 9 and your host as always is Andy Davies.

It’s our penultimate show of the season and it’s a real state-of-the-industry one today as we look at an area that is a real bellwether for how we’re all doing – and that’s recruitment.

Redundancies and job losses are always an indicator of a significant downturn, however the paradox is that there are still significant skills gaps and vacancies that can’t be filled – good people are still really hard to find.

Are there more redundancies coming down the line?

How is demand for flexible working affecting recruitment?

How big a problem is people not turning up for interviews?

Do recruiters understand how much they need to sell themselves to candidates?

We’ll be getting answers to all this and more from our expert guest, Peter Jones from recruitment agency Foyne Jones

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