Max-Top cashes in on demand for higher quality worktops

Kitchen and bathroom worktop manufacturer Max-Top has seen a significant rise in sales as more consumers are opting for higher quality materials.

The company has reported a growing trend for customers upgrading from laminate to quartz surfaces in their homes and over the past 12 months. This has led to an increase in sales, on the back of which Max-Top has expanded into Scotland and Ireland.

Stephen Moss, managing director of Max-Top, said: “Previously, consumers perceived quartz as being a luxury kitchen surface, perhaps out of their price range, whereas they are now becoming aware that they can greatly increase the grandeur of their kitchen for a relatively small cost implication.

“The patented interior of our modular quartz surfaces means they have the appearance of solid stone, but are much lighter, easier to transport and – importantly for the consumer – more affordable.”

Stephen Moss, managing director of Max-Top UK
Stephen Moss

According to recent report by AMA Research, emphasis on aesthetics and stylish designs is growing, combined with the demand for professional-style kitchens and appliances, which is leading to consumers trading up to higher-value materials and products.

AMA Research has forecast that both natural stone and composite materials, in particular granite and quartz, will grow alongside the kitchen market over the next four years.

Moss added: “It is great to see our own observations reflected in the recent AMA report. With the property market picking up significantly since the recession, there has been an increase in kitchen refurbishments and a rise in design-conscious consumers. However, both consumers and specifiers remain budget-conscious. Upgrading from laminate to quartz is one area where people can indulge in excellent kitchen furniture without breaking the bank.

“With growing lifestyle and foodie trends, consumers are now realising the importance of a high-quality work surface in terms of scratch-resistance and durability, as well as the overall impact it can have on the look of the room.”

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