Trend joins ArtiCAD supplier partnership programme

Surfaces specialist Trend has joined design software company ArtiCAD’s supplier partnership programme.

ArtiCAD is Trend’s preferred CAD and design software supplier, and the company’s ArtiCAD catalogue includes several product ranges, including Etherium engineered stone, glass mosaic tiles, glass tiles such as Subway, Metropolis and Liberty, plus Artistic Mosaic.

Commenting on the move, Danny Hanlon, UK chief operating officer of the company’s consumer brand and franchise network Granite & Trend Transformations, said: “We have been working with ArtiCAD for many years, although much more closely since 2022 when ArtiCAD developed our new web-based 3D kitchen design tool for consumers.  This enables our customers to quickly and easily choose from a huge range of colours and styles for every part of their kitchen makeover.   Using such a tool gives consumers greater confidence in their choices, as well as encouraging them to take a very active role in the design of their kitchen. 

“We also have experience of the power of ArtiCAD design software as many of our franchisees use it to visualise how their customers’ kitchen makeovers will look.”

Hanlon added: “The graphics catalogue provides an excellent showcase for our products, which are unique in the marketplace.  We are the only glass mosaic manufacturer to be featured in ArtiCAD, and believe that inclusion in the software will increase awareness of what we have to offer, and provide British kitchen designers with an exciting alternative when it comes to choosing products for worktops or splashbacks.”

Speaking of the move, Theresa Turner, a director of ArtiCAD, said: “We are delighted to welcome Trend to our vibrant Supplier Partnership Programme.  It is always particularly exciting when a new supplier with unique products joins the scheme – both for us at ArtiCAD but most importantly for all the designers using our software, who now have quick and easy access to the wonders of the Trend portfolio.”

Trend said it has seen increased interest for mixing materials in new room designs, using contrasting materials for worktops to create different zones, as well as making the splashback a real design focal point for the kitchen. Hanlon said: “Designers using the ArtiCAD software can easily visualise all these stunning design options for their customers and ensure that their finished makeover is exactly what they were looking for.”

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