Amy Jane Bathrooms and Interiors

Showroom of the Month: Amy Jane Bathrooms and Interiors

All is not as it first appears in this showroom, which has a hidden, secret area designed to wow and surprise higher-end clients…

Walking past the shop front of this Plumbits bathroom merchant, the words ‘magical’ and ‘beautiful’ would likely not be the first to spring to mind. But the exterior belies a secret, inspired in fact, by the Frances Hodgson Burnett novel, The Secret Garden.

Showroom manager and architect of the concept, Julie James, explains: “I had this idea, inspired by The Secret Garden, where clients could be transported to this entirely different kind of space. The element of surprise was a big factor and we wanted to really wow clients coming in with this concept, which I think is the only bathroom showroom experience like it”.

As you step in through Plumbits’ doors you’re met with a perfectly decent showroom, with a number of displays from mid-range brands, but then you encounter two displays featuring furniture from Laguna, Armera taps and WC, plus a wall of luscious green foliage with the words ‘Amy Jane Showroom Experience’ written on an almost-hidden panel.

This wall is in fact a secret door into this “showroom experience” created by James and her team. Over 20 weeks they extended and transformed an old storeroom into what now unfolds into the calm, warm, inviting and inspiring Amy Jane Bathrooms and Interiors showroom.

Through the secret door is a dramatic monochromatic display featuring a white double basin by Dansani and marble-style book-matched tiles by Ca’Pietra. There is also a glass shower enclosure door by Aqata, leading to yet another part of the ‘secret’ showroom.

Through a short corridor is where visitors will encounter the ‘hero’ display, which James says really draws the attention of visitors, due to the unusual finish, the skill and intricacy of the tiling, and the rose pink furniture by Dansani.

James wanted to create a VIP experience where more prestigious clients would feel special and looked-after – a calm, quiet and luxurious space where they can have privacy and discuss projects discreetly. “If clients are planning on spending £20,000 upwards on a bathroom, then they’re not going to want to be interrupted and we want to give them 100% of our attention.”

Clients are welcomed into one of two presentation areas, one that features a green velvet sofa, and another James’s desk, which features a sparkly white worksurface that provides the perfect backdrop for mood boards and samples. All of this is in addition to the TV screens where the Virtual Worlds CAD designs are brought to life.

Attention to detail and a luxurious, true to-life finish were also important factors when creating the showroom. All displays are finished with Ca’Pietra wall and floor tiles and each are properly lit with LEDs and solutions from The Wall Lighting Company.

James says it was important to create partnerships with carefully selected brands. “We’ve tried to go for British brands and brands that don’t sell online, as well as those which just do beautiful products.”

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