The kbbreview Podcast: The Water Label (and why retailers NEED to know about it)

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies as always.

This week we’re looking at something really interesting that’s been around for quite a long time but hasn’t really managed to get much traction with retailers – and that’s the Water Label.

In a nutshell, it’s the water efficiency equivalent of the energy ratings label that all appliances have to display. It’s a scheme that’s been developed by bathroom manufacturers under the auspices of a body called the Unified Water Label Association lead by today’s guest – Yvonne Orgill.

So why is the water label something that showroom retailers need to be much more aware of?

Well, imagine a scenario where every tap, shower, WC, dishwasher and anything else in your showroom that uses water has to – by law – have a water efficiency label hanging off it. What will that mean for your beautiful displays, your sales story and your own ability to explain it knowledgeably to every customer.

Especially as, unlike the energy label on appliances, the water efficiency of a tap or a shower is as much influenced by the user’s habits as anything else.

The Unified Water Label, developed in the UK, has been accepted across Europe as the industry standard, however a few weeks ago the UK Government announced that it was going to develop a totally separate water label from scratch – essentially rejecting the existing scheme.

And the new label, when it arrives, will be mandatory in your showroom.

So, I met up with Unified Water Label Association managing director Yvonne Orgill at a recent event and talked it all through.

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