How King Slide’s SIMLEAD Drawer Systems create safe and stylish storage

Well-utilised storage solutions are crucial to the overall design of a harmonious, multifunctional kitchen. With this in mind, King Slide has introduced its series of SIMLEAD Metal and Wood Drawer Systems, which perfectly combine functionality with aesthetics. SIMLEAD’s all-mechanical push-open and soft close drawer design provides users with both convenience and efficiency in any kitchen design.

Why choose SIMLEAD Drawer Systems?

The SIMLEAD Drawer System offers 13mm ultra-slim metal drawer sides, ensuring no space is wasted whilst maintaining a beautiful cabinet design. Two loading capacities – 40kg and 70kg – plus a synchronised gliding motion design also allows the drawers to operate smoothly and silently, even when used to store heavier items such as cookware.

With heights ranging from 97mm to 249mm, you can use a drawer height most suited to the needs of your individual storage space.

King Slide’s assorted side panel colours, patterns, and designs include four standard colourways, offering a variety of interior design style choices. From traditional to modern and luxury styles, users can find a panel design that complements and enhances the existing look of their home.

Built-in adjustments mean that any irregular drawer gaps resulting from installation inaccuracies can be easily rectified, helping homeowners to achieve flawless drawer alignment.

Push Open Design

Users simply have to touch the drawers lightly to open them, making them a great choice for busy chefs who are used to having their hands full. The gentle and smooth opening motion ensures that the drawer stops softly if it comes into contact with an object. To continue extending the drawer, simply touch it again to reactivate the push open mechanism. The drawer then closes smoothly with no chance of push back.

Safety first

Because the kitchen has become a more prominent space for spending family and social time, the SIMLEAD Drawer System has been designed with safety as a priority. The range is ideal for multi-generational kitchens, as its design protects against injuries caused by popped-out drawers. Users can enjoy peace of mind knowing the drawers are safe around both energetic children and vulnerable older members of the family alike.

King Slide’s SIMLEAD drawer system also uses vibration safety design (VSD), which secures the drawers in the cabinet and prevents injuries or damages to the drawers in instances of extreme vibrations or movements. This vibration detection design is a safety feature exclusive to King Slide.

As an additional safety feature, users can disable the push open function while retaining the soft close feature with a simple flip of a switch.

With its assortment of practical and safety features, as well as its wide range of design options, King Slide’s SIMLEAD Drawer Systems are a great choice for kitchen storage that both looks and runs seamlessly.

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