Neolith Experience aims to bring the brand closer to customers

Neolith is building on its Neolith Experience to strengthen relationships with its clients and provide an overview of its products, history and culture and bring the brand closer to existing and future customers worldwide.

The Neolith Experience is an exciting journey to Neolith’s core, to its products and how they are crafted, as well as giving a masterclass on the history and values of this family-owned company and its meteoric rise to become a global corporation, present today in more than 100 countries.

The Visitor Centre, headed by Jan Schuitemaker, aims to increase the number of visitors to the factory, so that more people can touch, feel and live the Neolith brand and understand its concept.

The visit includes a guided tour around Neolith’s production plant, where the manufacturing process is explained in detail, showing how the natural minerals are transformed into premium sintered architectural surfaces. The tour also includes a visit to the headquarters showroom, where the guests can see for themselves the versatility of the surfaces and the difference Neolith makes.

Neolith is a sustainable company caring not only for the environment, but also for the community. Neolith cares and so innovates to create the surfaces of tomorrow. All of the water used in the production process is recycled and 96% of the industrial waste is either recycled or reused. Plus, 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable sources.

These production processes are also shown and explained during the factory visit to help customers understand how one of the most sustainable surfaces is made. The guided tour reveals how the product is crafted, using 100% natural raw materials with no added quartz sand or resin in its formulation. Neolith uses the best quality raw materials, clays and kaolins and, like the most exclusive marbles, its surfaces contain a residual silica component, as detailed in the product safety sheet.

This positions Neolith as one of the most sustainable products, reaching the lowest silica content percentage in the market, ranging from zero to 9%. Therefore, Neolith closes the sustainable loop in the whole value chain, caring for all those involved in the manufacturing and handling of the material.

The firm also implements a solid employment culture, supporting professional development and promoting good practices and procedures that improve the employees’ experience, ranging from health and security at work to conciliation and flexibility.

The visit also provides an overview of the company’s history, from its creation 14 years ago to its current position in the industry, which makes it unique among construction material manufacturers.

“We believe this is a great opportunity for both current and prospective customers to experience the process of how the sintered surface is crafted, and to appreciate the whole experience behind the tagline the firm is known for,” said Schuitemaker. “It provides a 360 degree in-person tour that for sure will help them visualise and understand the whole brand.”

If you are interested in arranging a visit, contact your area manager to join our next Neolith Experience.

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