HomeByMe:  Seamless omnichannel 3D interior design on any device

Realistic 3D image powered by HomeByMe

With the world leading cloud-based platform HomeByMe, 3D space design and product configuration are solutions accessible to everyone

HomeByMe, an innovative online platform for interior design and retail experiences, marks a significant advancement in omnichannel buying journeys. With its cloud-based solutions, designed to be used across various web-based devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers –- HomeByMe is intended for both consumers and vendors. Today, leading kitchen and bathroom specialists, DIY retailer furniture brands, manufacturers and retailers use these solutions. Developed by Dassault Systèmes, the global leader in 3D digital innovations, HomeByMe has more than 28 million users across 137 countries.

Recently, the company conducted a survey that revealed a shift in buyer behaviour as consumers seek inspiration and information online before embarking on a project. In fact, 66% of consumers surveyed said they purchased home goods online in the past year, and 75% said they prefer to start planning their kitchen design on their own online, before visiting a store or asking an expert. Its research also showed that 36% of consumers prefer omnichannel shopping, starting with online inspiration and ending with in-store purchases, highlighting the importance of web-to-store strategies.

Realistic 3D image powered by HomeByMe

Recognising the challenges faced by sales experts or designers using complicated design tools, Dassault Systèmes has developed these solutions to be the most intuitive and easy to use on the market.  This user-friendly approach makes it simple for both consumers and design professionals, requiring minimal training.

On top of being accessible, these solutions cover the entire process from inspiration to purchase. HomeByMe Kitchen Experience and HomeByMe Bathroom Experience feature 3D planning solutions, product configuration and sales operations management capabilities, providing end-to-end solutions for kitchen and bathroom specialists.

With Kitchen Planner, anyone can generate a kitchen design within 10 to 15 minutes. The solution includes more than 150 kitchen business rules for safety and security to ensure reliable designs, ready to be installed. With its intuitive features, guided design approach and embedded business rules, HomeByMe offers a seamless shopping experience from anywhere, at any time.

Tailored for the KBB sector, HomeByMe’s solutions address specific functionalities and industry-specific rules, providing user-friendly tools to meet the unique requirements of this evolving sector.

HomeByMe Kitchen Planner in action

Daniel O’Meara, HomeByMe’s UK sales representative, underscores the platform’s relevance in the wake of a massive digital transformation of retail and consumer experiences.

“By offering specific solutions and dedicated support, we seek to become a trusted partner for KBB businesses,” said Daniel O’Meara. “We are committed to developing our awareness and reputation in the UK and the Nordics market. Our focus is on establishing a strong presence, building relationships with key industry players, and showcasing the value and benefits of HomeByMe’s offerings.”

HomeByMe aims to accompany Kitchen and Bathroom companies in the UK through a successful transition, leveraging the expertise and experience the company has gained in other countries.

For more insights on the transformation of the kitchen market, consumer expectations and expert retail analysis, download the HomeByMe Consumer Survey Report.

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